Where is Kate??

Where is Kate??Sorry folks! I know I said  that Kate Kennedy would be in Daughters of Fire. At the beginning she was. But it didn’t work out. She was too strong a character with too big an agenda of her own. She tried to take over the plot and Viv wasn’t having any of it.  One of them had to go, and I’m afraid, as it was Viv’s story, it was Kate who had to leave the stage

You’ve heard from authors  how characters can take over novels? Well, this is a case of where it happened. I had to rewrite more than  half. Thanks Kate!

The question is, what to do about her now and before anyone asks, she is not in the next book either. Maybe, one day,  another book about her – a book of her own, the ‘Sequel to Midnight’ which I originally intended to write,  but which was for various reasons vetoed at the time. My son has suggested murder .Maybe deportation. Maybe a short story?  I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile read Viv’s story and you’ll see why she had no time for any extra complications in her life!