Day workshop at Hay Castle

Writing workshop on historical research


There is much fascination and surprise to be found in historical research. Whether you are an established writer of historical fiction, a beginner or just a lover of history, the subject is addictive and rewarding.

Barbara will share her own experiences of what she has learned and failed to learn over her years of writing  history-based novels and encourage  an informal discussion about  the intricacies and pitfalls involved; the  excitement and danger of diving down rabbit holes;  the best ways of channelling  a passion for meeting the real or imagined inhabitants of the past: when to take short cuts and when that can spell disaster; how to pull up messages from hoofbeats and gas lamps and  stones; the fine line between fiction and biography ; whether it’s better to use books or on-line sources and much more.

And maybe there will be talk of ghosts . . . 

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